Vinay (Vin) Bhaskar

Research Scientist | Business Development
Venture Capital

With deep expertise in the biotech industry, I have successfully navigated from the bench to various leadership roles across discovery research, business development, and venture capital. I have a proven track record of identifying and proposing actionable programs for organizations focused on therapeutic areas as diverse as oncology, inflammation, and human longevity.

As a Biotech Consultant, I leverage my previous experience as a Partner at MPM Capital, where I started new companies as an investor, operator, and/or board member. I also draw on my extensive knowledge of the biotech landscape, gained from leading strategic projects and transactions for pharma, biotech, and VC/PE clients at Evaluate Ltd. I aim to partner with biotech innovators and help them realize their vision and potential.


April 2023 – Present


Currently serving as an R&D consultant for oncology, inflammation, and human longevity companies.

September 2022 – April 2023

Vice President

Orchestrated high-level R&D consultancy focused on oncology, inflammation, and longevity sectors, directly aligning with strategic investment interests. Commanded a dynamic team and managed a budget of $1M, delivering insights that drove innovation and investment potential within life sciences.

March 2016 – September 2021


Engaged in company formation and operating roles across startup landscapes, directly involved in the genesis and growth of pioneering therapeutics companies. Sourced and executed investments from seed to Series B stages, championing the evolution of breakthroughs from academia to industry. Led strategic business development, fostering dynamic partnerships and sitting on multiple Boards, steering companies toward innovation and success.

March 2018 – September 2020


Spearheaded the creation and development of startups, ensuring the transition of academic research into viable biotech ventures. Specialized in operational roles to drive discovery and preclinical validation of breakthrough therapies. Cultivated key partnerships and conducted thorough investment analysis for seed through Series B financing, playing a pivotal role in company board memberships and advising top academic institutions.

June 2013 – February 2016

Director (Search and Early Evaluation)

Championed the evaluation and strategic formation of external R&D partnerships in oncology, particularly within the burgeoning field of cancer immunotherapy. Played a central role in steering Amgen Ventures’ investments, guiding due diligence, and fostering relationships pivotal to long-term collaborative successes.

August 2012 – May 2013

Director (Oncology and Inflammation Research)

Headed a dedicated team of scientists in groundbreaking research to delineate the action mechanisms of novel Syk kinase inhibitors, significantly contributing to the company’s oncology and inflammation pipeline. Pioneered process enhancements for a critical antidote for factor Xa inhibitors, bolstering the company’s competitive edge in the anticoagulant reversal market.

June 2008 – July 2012

Associate Director (Pharmacology and Disease Biology)

Directed the Pharmacology and Disease Biology team in discovering and validating groundbreaking therapeutic antibodies, including the advancement of RZ358 into Phase 3 clinical trials, cementing XOMA’s transition from a service-based to a proprietary product organization.

March 2001 – December 2008

Senior Scientist (Research)

Pioneered preclinical studies on anti-integrin therapies, guiding volociximab from concept through IND submission, significantly contributing to PDL BioPharma’s oncology and inflammation portfolio before its strategic shift.

September 1996 – June 2001

Graduate Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant

Dedicated 5 years to the meticulous study of transcriptional regulation during Drosophila embryogenesis, identifying and characterizing crucial proteins interacting with Dorsal, including Ubc9, defining their roles in gene expression. Enabled potentiation of Dorsal-dependent transcriptional activation through discovering and analyzing the transcription factor Dip3.


Orchestrated R&D strategies, influencing multi-million-dollar oncology investments.

Co-founded Werewolf Therapeutics, leading to a public offering in 2021 with three competitive programs, one partnered with Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

Managed a $1M R&D budget, maximizing research and development ROI.










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Transcriptional Regulation

Protein Purification


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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Bachelor of Science (BS) Biochemistry

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Selected Publications & Patents

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